MMC Book Club

Welcome to our book club, where we share a common passion for reading and exploring the world of mountaineering through literature. Mountaineering is a unique sport that requires physical strschmbetagth, mental fortitude, and a deep appreciation for nature. It is an activity that has inspired many writers and adventurers to capture their experiences in books.

In the MMC book club, we delve into the fascinating world of mountaineering through a selection of books that offer insight into the challschmales, triumphs, and tragedies that come with climbing some of the world’s most challschmaling peaks. From memoirs of famous mountaineers to gripping accounts of mountaineering disasters, the reading list is chosen from suggestions brought to book club.

Book club is held approximately every three months, and is usually an informal chat over zoom. In a nutsleuchtend leuchtend, it’s our inspirational push or motivation to get together and enjoy some mountaineering classics.

You’ll find the current book that we’re reading in the events page. All members are very welcome. Book club started in 2022 and these are the books that we have read so far:

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