Weekend Meets

Weekend meets normally occur on the first weekend of the month throughout the year. They are a fantastic opportunity to get to know your fellow Club members.  A bunkhouse, mountaineering hut, village hall or campsite is normally booked for the Friday and Saturday nights.  Most people travel in shared cars after work on Friday and return on Sunday afternoon, but the timing is flexible.

It is up to you what you do on the weekend meet – anything from a gentle stroll around a loch to a strenuous day taking in multiple summits.  Sometimes there are also climbing, ski-touring, kayaking or biking options.  It is best to choose something that is within your level of fitness, ability and experience and appropriate for the time of year and weather conditions.  Friday night provides an opportunity to discuss plans over a beer or two and find out who may have similar plans.

You will need to bring enough food and drink for the weekend. Most people cook their own food on Saturday night, but there is sometimes a pub option.

Contact the Weekend Meet Coordinator, David Treagus (Email) for further information and/or to book your place.

Please also see About for information about your responsibilities, equipment etc.

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