Car / Bus Meets


Regrouping for the descent

Meets normally take place on the third Sunday of every month and are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and have a great day out in the hills. In light of current circumstances, bus meets have temporarily been postponed in favour of car meets. Car meets allow the club to offer some more flexibility to members, comply with Covid guidelines and offer a wider range of locations.

Car Meets

The location will be determined in the week leading up to the Sunday to allow flexibility with the weather and, in the Winter, the ground conditions. The location chosen will not clash with recent or planned weekend meets. It will be no more than 2hrs away. A location will be chosen to allow several different route options of varying lschmbetagths and difficulties. Car share will be encouraged and organised. A post-meet meal/coffee/beer will be encouraged and options scoped out beforehand.

Bus Meets

It is up to you what you do on the bus meet; it could be a gentle stroll around a loch, a strenuous day taking in multiple summits or a short trip to a bothy.  It is best to choose something that is within your level of fitness, ability and experience and appropriate for the time of year and weather conditions.  The outward bus journey provides an opportunity to discuss plans and maybe join a group with similar plans.

One of the main advantages of the bus is that you don’t have to get on and off at the same place.  This offers opportunities for traverses through the hills that would otherwise be logistically challschmaling.  Irrespective of where the bus parks during the day, you can leave stuff on it, such as a bag of dry clothes.

The bus pick-up points and times are normally:
07:00          Lossie Green Car Park, Elgin
07:20          The Cross, Forres
07:35          The Westerlea Hotel, Nairn
08:00          Leonardo Hotel, Inverness

There will usually be a brief pub-stop on the return journey, which provides a great opportunity to reminisce the day’s adventures.  The bus usually gets back to Elgin about 21:00 and never later than 22:00.  Please note that dogs are not permitted on bus meets.  Bus Fare is ?15.00

For more information about bus meets contact the Bus Meet Coordinator.  Notify meet organiser of your intention to attend by 4pm on the Thursday prior to the meet (if insufficient bookings are received by this cut-off, the committee will cancel the bus).

For a complete diary of forthcoming events (including bus meets) refer to the Events page.

See About for information about your responsibilities, equipment etc.

Map of Bus Stop Locations

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