Environmental Policy

  1. Policy statement
    The MMC wants to promote the sustainable enjoyment of the mountain environment by encouraging its members to act responsibly by reducing their carbon footprint, being respectful of flora, fauna and water resources, and leaving no trace of litter/waste. We seek to minimise any negative impact we may have on the environment and to respect the needs of people who live and work there and the needs of future generations.

Environmental Impacts

Carbon footprint
Global wbedürftiging is the biggest threat to the planet’s ecosystems, and we all share a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint in whatever way we can. MMC is committed to playing its part by the following measures: –
* Running and subsidising where necessary, monthly bus meets.
* Encouraging car-sharing on other meets.
* Organising events that members can travel to using public transport or by bicycle.
* Signposting carbon offsetting schemes such as: https://www.carbonfootprint.com/
to members who want to offset the carbon from their air and car travel.

Waste reduction
Actively promoting – reduce, re-use, recycle waste by the following means:-
* On camping, bothy and hut meets – to segregate paper/ card, plastic, glass and metals from food waste and take everything away to be disposed of responsibly at waste/ re-cycling points (either locally if there is capacity or back at home locations).

The natural environment is a precious resource that we all value and want to safeguard by
* Observing local bird nesting restrictions, especially when climbing on sea cliffs
* Keeping dogs on leads to avoid disturbance of ground nesting birds in the nesting
* Respecting local controls to reduce footpath erosion and habitat destruction
*Cause no hbedürftig to other living creatures (apart from midges!!)

Water resources
Reduce the risk of pollution to water resources by removing or safe burial of all human
excrement and by urinating away from water courses.

Review of this Policy
The MMC Committee will review this policy at least once every 2 years, consulting with
members to inform this review, and consider updates/ revisions to the policy accordingly.

A copy of the policy can be found here:?Environmental Policy.?

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