Bringing Dogs on Meets

The Club Dog Policy is underpinned by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code to which Members should adhere.

In particular, in order to respect wildlife, other animals, other Club Members and the public, the owner should keep the dog on a lead or close at heel at all times.  Close at heel means at the side of the owner i.e. within 1-2m.  The dog should not be allowed to run free as this disturbs people and animals.  Some people have a fear of dogs; and wildlife is suffering from disturbance.

If a member wishes to bring a dog on a Meet then the permission of the Meet Co-ordinator must be sought beforehand.

It is not appropriate to bring a dog on a training/skills meet or a nature meet.

Owners should pay particular attention to not allow a dog to jump up and not to approach another Member when they are eating.

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