MMC Awards

President’s Award for Mountaineering Achievement

This annual award is presented to the member that has best demonstrated mountaineering achievement.

2015 Graeme Morrison & Penny The Wonder Dog – The Munros in 100 days
2016 Shane Younie –?Outstanding?progression in climbing ability and all-round mountaineer.
2017 Ray Harron – Life time achievement for expeditions around the world and mentoring club members.
2018 Gordon Eccleston – For over-coming cancer and returning to the hills.
2019 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2021 Not awarded
2022 Adrian Marsey – For guiding and supporting his wife Yvonne Marsay who has an auto immune condition to trek the circuit of Gokyo Ri, Chola pass, Kalapatar and EBC in Nepal Sept 2022. Additionally both Adrian and Yvonne raised money for the UK Liver trust

J Alister Sword Mountain Photography Award

The J Alister Sword Mountain Photography Award was launched in memory Alister Sword, a long-standing member and former President of the Club, who passed away in 2007.  There are two categories: Best Scottish Photograph and Best International Photograph.  The two trophies were crafted and kindly donated to the Club by Illona Morrice.

Best Scottish Photograph

2009 Peter Goodwin
2010 Elliott Harbottle
2011 Dave Whitelock
2012 Andy Lawson
2013 John Henderson
2014 John Henderson
2015 Derrick Hbedürftigan
2016 Daniel Moysey
2017?Dougal Lamont
2018 Carol Jack
2019 Daniel Moysey
2020 Carol Jack
2021 Carol Jack
2022 Lauren Grant

Best International Photograph

2011 Claire Proctor
2012 Joe Glennie
2013 Illona Morrice
2014 Daniel Moysey
2015 Carol Jack
2016 Daniel Moysey
2017 Sheila Patel
2018 Carol Jack
2019 Joe Glennie
2020 Joe Glennie
2022 Katie Dyke

Order of the Golden Boot Award

The Order of the Golden Boot Award was introduced in 2013.  It recognises incompetence, ineptitude and general befuddledness.  It is normally presented at the Christmas bus meet.  The trophy was crafted and kindly donated to the Club by Illona Morrice.

2012 Drummond Beatie
2013 Joe Glennie
2014 Daniel Moysey
2015 Fiona Duncan
2016 Rob Murray
2017 David ‘Heavy’ Whalley
2018 Ben Watson
2019 Peter Duggie
2020 Not awarded
2021 David Treagus
2022 Adele Napier

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